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 Sundays 9 AM - 10 AM




Each week, Mom Talk Radio host, Maria Bailey, tackles issues important to moms with real-life answers. The show features nationally known parenting experts, as well as celebrity moms, and is supported with an extensive social media platform including 12,000 followers on Twitter. Past guests include Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives, Kim Weschel of Full House and Carnie Wilson.


Mom Talk Radio covers the tough issues facing mothers like the Work/Life balance, Parenting Challenges, Health and Fitness, Organization and Time Management and Cooking as well as other topics important to today's moms.


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 Sundays 10 AM - 11 AM


It's estimated that four out of five people dislike what they do for a living, and many hate it. That's right. The vast majority of your listeners would rather be doing almost anything else with the time they spend at work. The Career Clinic® with Maureen Anderson can help you change that.



Every weekend, Maureen talks to experts with advice on everything from discovering what your listeners are good at to negotiating a salary once they've been offered a position. She also talks with people who've already found their dream jobs--who have tips on how your listeners can, too.


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 Sundays 11 AM - 12 PM


Doctor's Orders is a one-hour show discussing a wide range of topics. Dr. Van Camp's purpose has been to highlight real patients telling their real stories. As you will hear, medical discussions that have a propensity to be serious in nature, can in fact be light hearted and fun. 



Dr. Kipp A. Van Camp is currently a practicing physician who began his career as a Family Physician twenty years ago. After mastering the practice of family medicine, he changed course and returned to residency for more training. Upon completing five more years of residency and fellowship medical education, today, he is an Interventional Radiologist. This is one of the most technologically advanced subspecialties in medicine. He's a doctor who uses sophisticated diagnostic imaging equipment to perform surgery inside the body, without making an incision, but rather through a puncture wound in the skin.


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Tuesdays 12 PM - 1 PM  



Broadcasting from Chicago, Illinois, one of the top food and restaurant cities in the country, hosts Dane Neal and Tom Reboletti bring listeners the latest food, cooking and restaurant information from across the country. 


Designed for food lovers, Restaurant Radio covers America’s diverse cuisine, featuring the world’s biggest and best food television personalities, authors, chefs, restaurateurs, recipes and industry leaders.


Guests range from TV hosts like “Diners Drive Ins and Dive’s” Guy Fieri, and Hell’s Kitchen’s Chef Gordon Ramsay to inspirational stories of franchise and business success with guests like Craig Culver and Famous Dave Anderson.


Each program showcases great independent restaurants and foods from across the nation and the people behind them, as well as innovative products and their inventors, who are making a difference in kitchens both commercial and in the home.



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 Thursdays 1 PM - 2 PM



For over 100 years, Popular Science Magazine has had an unrivaled history of bringing readers the latest, cutting-edge innovations in science and technology. Popular Science Radio brings all the newest discoveries and emerging technologies to listeners each week. Presented in an interactive, entertaining and easy to understand forum, this is your ultimate source for what's new and what's next.  


Broadcast weekly, live from Los Angeles, the show also hits the road to bring listeners the latest from technical and scientific events around the country. Whether your interests are cars, gadgets, science, technology, or DIY; you will learn something new from this energetic and entertaining program.



 Sundays 2 PM - 3 PM


MEN'S HEALTH LIVE, from the pages of the world's largest and most comprehensive Men's magazine. Offering "tons of useful stuf" in an audio format, MEN'S HEALTH LIVE is THE men's guide to fitness, sex, women, workouts, weight loss, health, nutrition and muscle building. 


Men's Health editor Peter Moore and contributing editor Gregg Stebben cover and expand on topics like physical and financial health, sex & relationships, as well as fitness, fashion & grooming, technology, food, entertainment, and more. The show also welcomes a variety of guests - from health and fitness experts, to newsmakers, chefs, celebrities, athletes, nutrition & weight loss experts, and book authors.