About WARG 88.9



WARG is a non-commercial educational radio station, serving the Chicago southwestern suburbs. Broadcasting at 500-watts. The station is run by the students and alumni of Argo Community High School.


Rock (Active/Adult/Alternative/Indie); Electronica/Dance; Hip Hop/Rap; Folk; follows the College-Format



On December 22nd, 1975 WARG Broadcast Service started operations as part of its Media Services Department. We were not the first high school radio station; as a matter of fact, we were not even the second or third. There are hundreds in the United States that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) saw fit to license. So why did WE build a radio station in a high school?


The stations serves a three-fold purpose:

First, it has a hands-on training center. It started by being a part of the vocational training commitment at District 217. WARG offers now is an opportunity for students not only to develop basic speech, technology, and writing skills, but also the chance to put them to a practical use. With options for students to be part of the stations Production Crew, Online/Web Journalism, TV Department, or simply being part of the Radio Broadcasting DJ's, a student can explore what career area he or she finds an interest in, and hopefully discover its positive and negative attributes.

Second, WARG operates as an educational extension of the high school. We broadcast several locally-produced weekly programs, as well as national. This allows us to connect to our surrounding communities, as well as addresses national awareness.

The third use of the station is an outgrowth of the fact that many students who proceeded to get licensed by the FCC and work toward a course wanted to continue to work for the station. So, we've developed over three decades of Alumni who would bite a bullet for the station.

For these students, alumni, staff, and community members, the station has become more than a learning center and a club activity, it's has become a vessel unto it's self that everyone can call home.